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Two introverts on a (loosely planned) adventure, constantly wandering off the beaten path in an attempt to answer the burning question: 

👀Hey what’s over there?!

. . .and reporting back on what we found. 

Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit. . .

Where is that music coming from? What do you think is over there? Why is that building shaped weirdly? Is that a real place and can we go there? Do you think we could make that ourselves? These are the questions that drive us forward . . . and sometimes, right down the rabbit hole 🐇

Rock your PTO in 2024!

Get the rundown on how to ROCK 16 requested days off into 41 days of vacation in 2024.

Bob’s Burgers Thanksgiving Marathon

Probably the most realistic depiction of a middle class family you’re going to find on TV. Going strong at 12 seasons, the Thanksgiving episodes are some of the best!

Rockstar Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is one of our fave holidays. Here’s a quick roundup of the recipes that grace our table every year.

Spiced *or Spiked* Apple Cider

An easy way to prepare a classic wassail punch that will impress your guests, while warming hands, tummies, and spirits.

Walkway Over The Hudson

A 1.28 mile span between Poughkeepsie and Highland where one can walk, ride, or rollerblade across the bridge deck, 212 feet above the river.

Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail

We finally made it to Lake Okeechobee! Checking out a small section of the 109 mile path around the lake. Beautiful views, and a little panic attack for good measure!

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

A photo journey through the setting for Kali’s fave childhood story: Sleepy Hollow! Two trips and we’ve still managed to explore only a small part of the grounds.

Treat Yo Self Day!

This year, in a small miracle of fate, Treat Yo Self Day coincides with Prime Day, so you can save a bunch of cash while you get your voluptuary on.

Camping at Swartswood State Park

As outdoor activities are the only thing not cancelled in 2020, My most recent trip took me to Swartswood State Park. A lovely park and campground, and it seems the secrets out. . .