Travel & Adventure

There’s so much of the world we haven’t seen, and we’re on a mission to rectify that, one city at a time. There’s also a lot of the world that we have seen, and just got so caught up in the moment that we forgot to take photos. All we can do about that is go back for more!

Walkway Over The Hudson

A 1.28 mile span between Poughkeepsie and Highland where one can walk, ride, or rollerblade across the bridge deck, 212 feet above the river.

Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail

We finally made it to Lake Okeechobee! Checking out a small section of the 109 mile path around the lake. Beautiful views, and a little panic attack for good measure!

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

A photo journey through the setting for Kali’s fave childhood story: Sleepy Hollow! Two trips and we’ve still managed to explore only a small part of the grounds.

Camping at Swartswood State Park

As outdoor activities are the only thing not cancelled in 2020, My most recent trip took me to Swartswood State Park. A lovely park and campground, and it seems the secrets out. . .

PennyLick Ice Cream

Their mission is to bring us the best, simplest ice cream flavors. Mission accomplished. Simple maybe, but also amazeballs 😋

123 Miles to Montauk

We drove 123 miles to go to the beach. Yes. One hundred, twenty three miles. Outside is the only safe activity these days, and we wanted comfort food in a happy place, so we hit the beach!