And we’re off!!

It’s that time again! The year comes to a close, and the Phoenixxes (can that even be pluralized?) migrate south.

Most folks look at me like I’ve grown three new heads when I say we drive from NY to Florida and back every December. Road trips are supposed to be something you grow out of in favour of comfort and time management. Why spend 19 hours stuffed into a Toyota when you could get from JFK to the beach in 3 hours?!

Because we’re journey people. For us the vacay starts as soon as we hit the parkway. Good company, good music, great conversation, and the open road. No timelines to keep to, we can do random things like detour through Philly for cheesesteaks at 2am, or circle through the entrance to Arlington just because we’ve never been.

lone road going to mountains

As long as we are on the road, the whole world is ours. . . . .ok, well, the 48 contiguous states, but you get what I mean.

There is something very cathartic about literally, physically leaving the year behind to come back and start fresh. A new page, a blank slate on which to write the next chapter.

Though we do this every year, each journey is unique. There was the year we picked up a friend’s husband en route for a little surprise homecoming, the year we surprised my mom with the news that I’d be working out of Miami for six more weeks 😀

This is the year we bumped up our departure time in hopes of getting to Orlando in time to see SpaceX launch Falcon 9!!

Here’s hoping it goes as planned. (The launch that is, our travel has no plan)

Wish us luck! Stay tuned for loooooong exposure photos!

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1 thought on “And we’re off!!”

  1. I love your philosophy and follow it as well. All of life is a journey. Enjoy every minute of it. Safe travels and return. Love you both.