If you have Ghost. . .

I am HELLA late to the Ghost party. The first time I’d ever heard of them was last summer:

Hubz wanna see Ghost @ Terminal 5 in September?
Me: I’m assuming you don’t mean a séance?
Hubz: No, it’s a Swedish occult metal band
Me: That sounds INSANE, I’m in.

I did no research, didn’t look them up, didn’t listen to one single song. Sometimes, I love walking into shows blind. Especially when I think something is going to be complete madness. (I’ll tell you guys about Avatar someday lol) I was super excited! . . . .thennnnn a few days before Ghost, we went to see Trivium @ St. Vitus! Yay!! . . .

My poor ankle :-(
I used to enjoy small club shows. . .but then I took a drunk guy to the ankle.

Its all fun and games until some jerk gets too drunk to stay vertical and responsible for his own body weight.
So now I have to go to Terminal 5, AKA Short People Hell. . .on one leg.

That Sunday we showed up @ a ridonkulously overcrowded Terminal 5.
After a few boots to my injured ankle and a couple of sticky drinks jostled over our heads, Hubz, my pimp cane and I finagled our way into the VIP area where I snagged the last empty stool and wedged it into space behind a pole where I was out of the way. It was a crappy view and I wasn’t in the best mood.
I enjoyed the show, but I really wanted to go home, snarf a bunch of painkillers and curl into a ball.

Cut to April 2016. . . Papa & the Ghouls are headed back my way? I’m IN!
Met our pals before the show, and with two working legs and no stupid cane, we smooshed ourselves as close to the front as possible and got a face (four faces) full of Ghost!!

2015-09-27 21.58.10

It was an incredible show. It took me a while to put my finger on it. . .but I finally nailed what I LOVE about these guys. They look scary, but they sound beautiful.
Yes, the word I am going with is beautiful. I love vocals with a dark harmony. Hauntingly. Magnetically. Beautiful.

No? Listen to Cirise with your eyes closed and tell me you don’t hear a gentle, slightly broken soul commiserating the pain and emptiness in us all.

Now look at Papa and those nameless ghouls. . .menacing even though they don’t have actual faces. Look at the intensity in those scary ass two toned eyes (yes I know they’re contacts) and that predatory jungle cat growl (even through the mask!). THAT juxtaposition is why I LOVE me some Ghost.


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