Treat Yo Self Day!

Treat yo’self twenny tah-weeeenyyy! It’s the best day of the yeeeear! (so far?) October 13th is Treat yo’self day, but this is the year 2020 in COVID-land, so we’ve adjusted the luxurious roundup to focus on items that will really enrich the quarantine life.

Upgraded electronics? Treat yo’self. Digital comforts? Treat yo’self. Snuggly blankets? Treat yo’self. Fancy Kitchen Equipment? Treat. Yo. Self.

This year, in a small miracle of fate, Treat Yo Self Day coincides with Prime Day, so you can save a bunch of cash while you get your voluptuary on. Here’s a quick roundup of little treats you can pick up in time to have an AMAZING weekend:

Get Glam! Mini Gel Polish Lamp

By April, I’d broken all my nails, so in June when my itty bitty nails started growing back in, I needed the strength of a gel overlay! I have been rocking with this little guy since the summer and my stilettos are back! nails are so long and sexxy that typing this post is mildly annoying 🤣 Now I do my own nails in an hour, in the comfort of my bedroom, sans pants, listening to Parkway Drive instead of Reality TV, for about the price of 2 salon visits. Gelish Mini Pro Curing Lamp – $55

Zen Out: Heated Shiatsu Foot Massager

Cuffin’ season is upon us! But love in the time of COVID is dicey. Don’t get tangled up in something, or risk permanently decreased lung function (or death!) because you needed some snuggles. Do for self, while you Treat Yo’self. Especially since we are all running around the house barefoot these days, foot massages are always welcome. Shiatsu Deep Kneading Foot Massager – $95 Prime Day Deal!

Zone Out: Roku Ultra

We, as a couple, as a generation, as a country; have been streaming everything all day every day since March. We have a Roku in the living room, and Amazon Fire in the bedrooms and I am so. damn. spoiled. by the Roku. I love having one remote for the TV, media player, volume control, AND the option to listen to Always Sunny at 3am without waking Paul up. I also love the Netflix & Hulu buttons, because let’s be honest those are the important ones. Less clicks between me and entertainment is a WIN. Roku Ultra 4K/HDR Streaming Media Player – $79

Speed it up: NETGEAR Dual Band Router

On the topic of all the endless streaming, now’s the time to upgrade your router. Trust 👏🏽 me 👏🏽 DO 👏🏽 IT 👏🏽 I didn’t think there was much wrong with our WiFi until Paul upgraded us around mid July. I’m watching The Boys 12 seconds after I turn on the TV! This bad boy supports guest WiFi as well, so you can hve your pod squad over and not have to share whatever ridiculous 28 character passcode you came up with on the fly. NetGear Router – $55

Snuggle Up: Electric Blanket

I don’t know what took so long to admit I need this in my life. Learn from my mistakes. Grab an electric blankie now before it gets too cold to function. We always thought it would be way too hot, but if you keep it low, and pop on the pre-heat function about 30 minutes before you’re ready to head off to bed, there will be no cold spots when you slip in under the covers. It’s like a happy little hug! There are a LOT of electric blankets out there, but microplush makes for extra delicious snuggling in when it’s time to knock out – Sunbeam Microplush Heated Blanket – $99 

Get Domestic: Instant Pot

What could be better than making delicious nutritious dinner while you snuggle up under that microplush blanket and work your way through Netflix, in its entirety? Instapot is how you make this dream come true. We were gifted one by Mama Kali 2 years ago after admitting how much fast food we’d been eating. It’s way too big for just the 2 of us, and I love every damn ounce. I lived in fear of exploding pressure cookers for a long time, but now, Sundays are for making 6 quarts of white chicken chili or an unbelievably quick beef bourguignon Instant Pot Duo Plus – $120

Will It Blend?: Ninja Blender

I love our Ninja! The blades running along the entire length of the pitcher make it easy to blend drinks, make soup, or combine pie dough. Those blades are sharp AF and they make you feel like you’re on the set of Iron Chef. We have the old school motor-on top one model and as amazing as it is, half the time I can’t find the damn motor. It’s time for an upgrade. This system comes with the blend pitcher, a food processor bowl AND two single blendy cups. I can’t wait to get my hands on it! – Ninja Professional Kitchen System $169

Get your ass in gear: Terra-core

After all the streaming and snuggling and blending up drinks, Miss ‘rona definitely caught up with my ass. Specifically through all of the sitting ON my ass I’ve been doing. I ordered the Terra-core when we first moved last April and I discovered that hardwood floors in a 5th floor apartment arent the best place to jump around at 7am. The Terracore is crazy versatile. You can flip it over to stand on, use to cushion your back for floor work, lift its 28lb heft over your head if you feel like Iron Man, or attach resistance bands to the handles. Read: No excuses, you can still work out even when you feel like a slug. Terracore Balance Trainer – $199

**Some links on this post are affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you make a purchase through one of these. It won’t cost you a thing, and these commissions help us keep the site up and running. We only recommend products that we use and love. Kali especially kind of hates everything, so if it’s recommended here you know we mean it. Thanks for your support & happy shopping!

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