Deforestation FTL

Ok, I’m done. The USPS really is mainly a garbage delivery service. Look at this shit. That’s almost a pound of waste coming to each of 40 apartments in this complex alone. I’ve been more riled up than usual about this ever since last month, when on a stroll around Montauk point, our gang unintentionally turned a bag we’d brought for our coffee cups into a trash collection bag bursting at the seams with random trash tossed into nature by selfish, short-sighted, irresponsible asshats.

I need to start calling companies out who send unsolicited nonsense (translation WASTED paper).

I invite you to join me across ALL forms of social media. If we just keep quiet and toss it back in the trash these companies will think they are doing right and it is working, AND we are complacent in their environmental irresponsibility.

The all-important question is: what’s our hashtag gonna be? Cuz I wanna see this shit trending.

#ZeroWaste/challenge/lifestyle etc should of course be leveraged. But I’d like something more pointed, that we can use to really put a spotlight on the (ir) responsible parties.

#WhyYouWastin #StopTheWaste #MailboxGarbage #DeforestationFTL

What other hashtags should we use?

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