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Pirate Cut Corsets – A little hug from heaven

The first time I tried on a corset, I was nervous. It was an expensive, beautiful, handmade thing. . .and I was a sweaty beast fuzzy from meade and full of turkey leg.

Learning to properly lace a corset so you can help your wife get dressed in the parking lot? That’s love.

The shopkeep warned me to hold tighter to the lacing post and asked “are you ready?” I answered yes, braced for all the pain and hilarity Kiera Knightly portrayed ad nauseum in the first POTC flick. >_<

That chick pulled with all her might and all of a sudden it was like a weight had been lifted.  A heavy ass, back squishing weight that I didn’t even know I’d been carrying. I exhaled. . . loudly and gratefully. Which I guess was mistaken for distress because she asked ‘can you breathe?’. Yes. Holy damn YES!

I strutted around the shop in that awesomesauce corset. . . .for about 30 seconds. The bottom edge was DIGGING into my hipbones from above. I had no idea how to sit down in this thing! I pouted and cursed my annoyingly short, and yet weirdly long for a short girl torso ::fist shaking::

I’d given up on my plans to dress like a sexxy pirate/vampire hunter/proper English lady (is it weird that proper lady comes at the END of my list?) When the wubbulous corsetier suggested a “pirate cut” would better suit a lady of my proportions. >translation: hip-tastic<

Behold! This magnificent lacy delight in all its glory!!! Underbust, so as not to interfere with the cannons, and the piratey laces on the hips to accommodate that hourglass I work so freakin’ hard to maintain.

Gurrrrrrl. . . .

I had to have it. Where am I gonna wear a damn corset except to the Ren Faire? Nowhere. Luckily we hit up this magical land of escapism at least once every summer, so BAM! I could definitely justify the cost. I only but it out (pun intended) once a year, but look how happy it makes me.

Marianne of Murasaki Art, Persephone, Cyrene, and Thalassa of the Vixens En Garde, and Me! in that awesome corset
Marianne of Murasaki Art, Persephone, Cyrene, and Thalassa of the Vixens En Garde, and Me! in that awesome corset

Sometimes you have to splurge a little. Think of it as an investment in your joy. Life is short, and so am I, get the corset.

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