Moods & Musings

On our way through this world, we call it like we see it. Hot takes, happy moods, and Kali’s destruction experiments are all here.

Treat Yo Self Day!

This year, in a small miracle of fate, Treat Yo Self Day coincides with Prime Day, so you can save a bunch of cash while you get your voluptuary on.

UPsides to the 2020 lockDOWN

Yes, COVID busted into our lives and literally ruined everything; But in the spirit of seeking out the (sparkly) silver lining, I’ve been trying to highlight a few things that don’t suck in 2020.

four markers on table

Call me by MY name

Recently I referred to an offhand comment made (in the workplace) to a friend about her last name as ‘charming racism’. My statement being that

Pretty On The Outside

TL;DR: As much as I love this song, I always hear it with a little sting. It reminds me that there are people who left my life feeling this way about me.